There are currently two United Sovereign Nations of the World (USNW) ambassadorial member states, and they are both members of the Assembly of Nations.

In principle, only sovereign states can become USNW ambassadorial members and have to go through an application process that can either deem them a full or ambassadorial member. The other members of the USNW vote on the intial application for ambassadorial member, while the Executive Department can promote it to full membership.

Duwamish became the first ambassadorial member on 17 March 2011, after it resigned from the COFR on 10 February 2011 and is awaiting full membership. Solvia became the second ambassadorial member on 28 March 2011 after it was accepted into the union. Currently, both ambassadorial members are from Althena in the Eastern Hemisphere of Adonia.

Current membersEdit

The current ambassadorial member states are listed below with their official designations currently used by the USNW and their dates of admission.

Member state Date of admission
Flag of Duwamish Republic of Duwamish 17 March 2011
Flag of Solvian Republic Solvian Republic 28 March 2011

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