First Minister of New Friscia
Emblem of the government of posillipo
Arms of Her Majesty's Government
FM Robert Leighton.jpg
Robert Leighton

since 10 August 2007
Style The Right Honourable
Residence 30 Daladier Lane, Lamare
Appointer Béatrice Carré
Term length At Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holder David Lessard
Formation 1 January 1900
Salary ε210,000

The First Minister of New Friscia (Etruscan: Premier Ministre de Nouveau Fríscie) is the chairman of the Cabinet and head of government for the Federation of New Friscia, charged with advising the New Friscian monarch or viceroy on the exercise of the executive powers vested in them by the constitution. The office exists as an established convention originating in the country's former colonial power, Posillipo, which stipulate that the monarch's representative, the governor, must select as prime minister the person most likely to command the confidence of the elected House of Commons. Typically the leader of the political party that holds the largest number of seats in that chamber.

The current First Minister of New Friscia is Robert Leighton who was appointed by Governor Béatrice Carré on 10 August 2007, following the general election that took place that year. As with all first ministers of Her Majesty's Government, Leighton is styled as The Right Honourable, a title maintained for life.