First Minister of The Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo
Emblem of the government of posillipo
Arms of Her Majesty's Government
First Minister of Posillipo.png
Étienne Barthélémy

since 2010
Style The Honorable
Nominator Sofía Auro Colette IV
Appointer The Senate of Posillipo
Inaugural holder Sir Amden Caldone
Formation 1950
Salary Є210,000

The First Minister of the Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo is the Head of Her Majesty's Government in the Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo. The First Minister is the head of the Royal Cabinet of Ministers, which is the cabinet consisting of the most senior advisers to the sovereign. The First Minister is nominated by the Vasílissa and then approved by the Senate. The current First Minister is Étienne Barthélémy.


As "Head of Her Majesty's Government" the First Minister is the head and the spokesperson for the Royal Cabinet and is also the sovereign's chief advise. The First Minister wields very few powers, as the office is mostly for adviser-ship to the Vasílissa, who maintains most of the governmental powers, but he does serve as the face and voice for Her Majesty's Government.


The position of First Minister was created in 1951 when the Second Posilliponian Empire was officially dissolved and refounded as the Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo. The position was established as a way to create more power for the people, because the citizens of Posillipo were growing more and more unhappy with the absolute power of the monarch, and the position originally held more power than it does now.

Constitutional backgroundEdit

Foundation of the office of First MinisterEdit

The office of First Minister was created over many years of evolution of the Chief Adviser position.

The Commonwealth ActEdit

The Commonwealth Act was the first step toward major change in the Posilliponian government, and in turn gave more power to the elected advisers of the sovereign.

Dissolution of the Second Posilliponian EmpireEdit

Creation of the Cabinet and the Office of the First MinisterEdit

The "First" First MinistersEdit

Modern MinistershipsEdit

Precedence, and form of addressEdit