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Her Majesty's Government, or the Royal Government of Posillipo is the federal government of the Imperial Kingdom of Posillipo. The government is led by the Vasílissa, who nominates the First Minister and chooses the members of the Royal Cabinet. The First Minister and the other ministers make up the Royal Cabinet which is the chief advisory committee to the Vasílissa and is also the chief decision making council under the Vasílissa.

Under the Constitution of the Kingdom, the Sovereign is the head of government and the head of state, and may exercise almost all executive authority with the advice of the Royal Cabinet. The ministers are usually all members of the Senate or the National Assembly and are accountable to the houses parliament.

The current head of the Royal Government is Vasílissa Sofía Auro Colette IV, and her current chief adviser is First Minister Étienne Barthélémy. Sofía's coronation took place on March 26, 2008, when her father, Charles III, was assassinated. Étienne was appointed by Sofía because of his position as the head of the Conservative Party of Posillipo, and that the party was most likely to gain the majority in Parliament.

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