Republic of Insulo
Republica de Ensuña
Flag of Insulo Seal of Insulo
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: Solvo Terra Fraterculus
Anthem: "Blue March"
Capital Erikkson
Largest city Erikkson
Official language(s) Insulonian, Trentannian, and Puertian
Demonym Trentannian: Insulonian
Insulonian: Ensuñan
Government Federal constitutional republic
Timothy Clarke
Andrés Garcia
Overthrew the F.I
Current constitution

December 22, 1579
January 11, 1580
November 6, 1985
Area 21,683.56 km2
 • 2011 est.
 • 2010 census
74,357,451 (TBD)
 • Total
 • Per capita
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GDP (nominal)
 • Total
 • Per capita
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HDI (2010) 0.961 TBD – very high
Currency Valuto (Ɣ) and Enieo (ε) ({{{currency_code}}})
Time zone na
Internet TLD .rin1
Calling code +na
1 The .rin domain will be used alongside .usnw, the union domain.

The Republic of Insulo' (Insulonian: Republica de Insulo') (also referred to as Insulo) is a Federal constitutional republic comprising fifteen provinces. The country is located on the west coast of the northern arm of Continent A, bordering Posillipo and Cellunia by land, and Andalusia by sea. Special Districts of Insulo border South Barola and North Borola by land, and Canaria by sea. Since October 2010, it has been a Full Member of the United Sovereign Nations of the World (USNW), it's first membership in an international union.


The name Insulo has it's origins in the Itzamnan Language, and is mutation of the word for island, because the Insulonian Tribe that eventually became the modern Insulonians that originated on the small island now called Martinez Island.





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Insulonian and Puertian TribesEdit

City States of InsuloEdit

Flag of Puertia

The flag of the City State of Puertia.

Flag of Old Insulo

The flag of the City State of Insulo

Insulonian and Puertian LeaguesEdit

Insulonian EmpireEdit

Main article: Insulonian Empire
Flag of Insulonian Empire

The flag of the Insulonian Empire.

The Insulonian Empire was the first state that united the Insulonian and Puertian Peoples under a single ruler. After the Peace of 402 BCE relations between the two leagues steadily improved leading up to 334 BCE when the city-states of the Insulonian and Puertian Leagues agreed to form a single empire under the name of the Insulo and the colors and emblem of Puertia.

First Kingdom of InsuloEdit

Flag of First Insulonian Kingdom

The flag of the First Insulonian Kingdom.

First Republic of InsuloEdit

Second Kingdom of InsuloEdit

Flag of Second Insulonian Kingdom

The flag of the Second Insulonian Kingdom.

Insulonian FederationEdit

Flag of Insulonian Federation

The flag of the Insulonian Federation

Thrid Republic of InsuloEdit

Government and electionsEdit

Political partiesEdit

Political parties have been forbidden in Insulo since the beggining of the Third Republic in 1985, mainly due to resentment over the long held rule of the Insulonian National Party that supressed the freedoms of the people of Insulo. The Insulonian Congress is currently debating ammending the constituion to allow for the creation of political parties.

Political divisionsEdit


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Special DistrictsEdit

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