New Chandler City
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City of New Chandler
Clockwise from top: New Chandler Central Core, Regal District, New Chandler CityDome, BankNC Arena, Axchester Butte
Flag of New Chandler City
Official seal of New Chandler City
Country New Chandler
 - Mayor Cam Church (R)
New Chandler City is the largest city by population and area as well as the capital of both the United Soverign Nations union and the Provincial Republic of New Chandler. With a population of 17,320,625 in the city proper, and an astonishing 41,008,664 metropolitan area population, New Chandler City is the largest city by population known to the human race. The metropolitan area includes the cities of Andersen, Compton, La Brea, Winchester, Raintree, Alameda, and South New Chandler City.

New Chandler City is home to National Assembly of New Chandler, the New Chandler Capitol Building, and the Assembly of Nations of the COFR. It is also home to one of the three primary headquarters of the Association of International Collegiate Sports, the headquarters for Royal Baliscan Cruise Line, and the headquarters for Cameron Oil.