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Nickname(s): The City of Angels
Motto: Live Free. Defend Freedom.
Province Hollister
Country New Chandler
Rockaway is the capital of the Hollister Province in southern New Chandler. It is the most populous city in Hollister, and the second-largest in the country, after New Chandler City, with a population of 5,950,224. Rockaway is a world city of business, entertainment, fashion, athletics, and industry. It is home to high-profile businesses known around New Chandler and the world, as well as the home base of Vinegrove, a world-renown entertainment mecca. Rockaway is also a major city in the tourism world, as well as the home to innovative technologies in media and transportation.

Rockaway was founded by the English-speaking New Chandlerites after the country declared independence. Although it was once a farming settlement due to it's location near the sea, mountains, and a tropical climate, the location also helped the city grow at a rapid pace.