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The United Sovereign Nations of the World (USNW) is an international organization whose stated aims are facilitating better relations and partnership among its member states. The organization is often known as a Sim City 4 Union. The union was founded, on February 10, 2011, when the second Confederacy of Free Regions incarnation decided to disband and create a new union due to the original COFR's dislike of the name being used. The union currently has 14 members, 8 of which are Full Members and 6 of which are Observatory Members. The organization is divided into three main organs, the Executive Department, the International Assembly, and the Lower Departments. The figure head of the organization is the Chancellor, currently Jon Clark of the Republic of Insulo, who attained the post in early 2011 by vote of the members. The Republic of New Chandler serves as the head quarters and is home to the International Assembly. (more...)

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The Flag of Insulo

The National Flag of Insulo, also known as Blue Puffin is a horizontal triband flag with a stylized blue puffin in it's center. It was adopted in 1985 after the Republican forces in Revolution of 1985 emerged victorious and formed the Third Republic of Insulo. The new government commissioned Vito Lalaza to design a simple yet powerful flag using the new national symbol of Insulo, the puffin. (Read More...) Template:FAfooter

COFR Members USNW Member Nations

COFR Members Did you know?

  • ...that USNW is the third incarnation of COFR?
  • a great union for any Sim City 4 player with a city journal?

Current events Current events

Flag of New Friscia
  • Insulo wins hosting rights to the 2011 Summer Simlympics.
  • Platte hosts the USNW Constitutional Summit.
  • AIN and USNW begin a new era of co-existence and cooperation.

Current events Upcoming events

2011 Sim Logo
  • The 2011 Simlympics will be hosted by the Republic of Insulo. (logo pictured)
  • The USNW International Economic Summitis being hosted in Posillipo.
  • The USNW will be having a AIFF Summer Tournament in the coming months, more information coming soon.

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Posillipo Skyline

The skyline of Posillipo City in Posillipo. It is the second largest city in the country.